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Welcome to Little Frenchy

Baby and kids clothes online shop 

Little Frenchy is the best online shopping site specializing in clothing and accessories for kids: baby clothing, kids clothing, room décor, kids shoes, games for kids….

French and Eco Friendly Clothes is an online shopping site showcasing exclusively 100% French designers like Coq en Pâte, Deuz, Pirouette Cacahouète, Les Jouets Libres, La Queue du Chat… and 100% Eco friendly products: printed t shirts, kid’s onesies, baby dresses, baby pants, kid’s pyjamas, sandals, kid’s shoes…

Excellent range of gifts for kids

At, you'll find a rare selection of French kid’s clothes and accessories such as the funny t-shirts, backpack… with a responsible and fun message signed Mibo for Coq en Pâte Editions…

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