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They are coming soon...

by Marie | June 16, 2015
They are coming soon...

Starting Sunday, June 21 you can get all of us FREE! Just pick up your copy of The Sunday Telegraph and The Daily Telegraph each day until Saturday, June 27 to find one us inside; there’s 7 of us to collect.

Using only scissors and glue (you might want an adult to give you a hand) you get to build each of us into a 3D animal.

And, download The Taronga Wild Bunch app for FREE from either the App Store or Google Play to bring us to life on your screen. Use the app to scan our faces, with your smart phone or tablet, and launch an interactive world featuring the real life species we represent.

You can watch us move and play, read fun facts about us, see real life photographs and hear our calls. PLUS, you can even take a selfie with each of us to share with your friends on your favourite social media site. Once you have collected, built and scanned each of us we will be saved to your app for you to see us when you want! Plus when you have full Taronga Wild Bunch saved in your app we play together – in pairs or all of us together on the screen at once.

All the animals are designed by Mibo, Madeleine Rogers.
Mibo is a company based in an old stable tucked away a stone's throw from the seafront in Hove. 

Find more information, here

Collect All 7 Wild Bunch Animals

You can find all the range of papertoys by Mibo on your website


Mibo designs Paper toys and Soft toys to DIY

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