Little Frenchy


DEUZ is a brand who’s bright and lively creations are the lovechild of two French sisters, is designed for children aged from 2-10 years old. The brand is famous for its energetic colours, unexpected typography and surprising contradictions in creativity. Most appealing is the use of the best materials for children and their planet, such as 100% certified organic cottons, natural non-toxic dyes and recycled papers.

DEUZ’ eco-friendly products range from the BABYMAT graphic playmats for babies with removable covers, organic terry towelling backs and a stimulating playground design featuring natural wood rings; TAPIKID playmats for toddlers and older children feature bright graphic designs, printed on a heavier canvas: and NAPIKID, a uniquely styled colourful bib for toddlers and older children, with neck strap. All products are beautifully packaged in organic tote bags, being both practical and stylish!

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